16 June 2015

Copper Pots and Monet's Kitchen

Pots from Monet's kitchen when we visited Les Jardins. My little baker was enraptured.


  1. Nice shot! copper pots and blue and white tiles simply couldn't be more French either.

  2. French copper pots and pans are the best and a requirement for homemade 'confiture' (according to my hubs anyway). Thanks so much for the comments you left on my Paris posts. You wanted to know about snails...if you can find them fresh in your local market (like my photo), go for it! Just be sure and pop them in the oven and eat them that day. Otherwise, not a thing wrong with the frozen ones either, just buy the better brands made in France for more flavor.

    1. Thank you! So good to know. I was just driving by Picard the other day ...

  3. Yes, I am sure she was! Love the copper pots, all hanging in a gleaming row, proudly glinting with the particular patina of well used copper pots! Love the blue tiles. Super!