07 June 2015

Sunday and a Rose Petal Skirt

After saying goodbye to Pops' mama this week (Oh, we've been blessed with the visits from loved ones!), we couldn't help but feel a bit down. But the sun has shown up these past days and is warming us from the outside-in. The girls spent part of today outside in the gardens and enjoying the flowers in bloom. They also discovered they could sew a skirt for Flocon out of rose petals. Oh, the rhapsodic joys of spring!

Incidentally, Miss Flocon de Neige (french for snowflake) is quite happy here in France, as it is her homeland. Jane purchased her when we were in Uzès three years ago. And additionally ... Uzès is where we will be moving in two months.

We have treasured our time here in Normandy and living in La Cressonnière, and have made friendships that make moving on very, very challenging. But we are also excited about this next chapter. More details to come ...


  1. Oh, I was so happy to see that Miss Flocon has made yet another stylish appearance. She looks fashionable indeed! Lucette and Jane are master designers. Do you know if I can order a skirt in my size? :) I'm glad the weather is being cheerful there in France. Our sun over here is a bit too cheerful- 90+ degrees in our normally 70s-80s area! Sooo warm.
    We miss you! Hope that you are completely enjoying your time as a family.
    Lots of Love- The Crows

  2. I look forward to hearing more about your upcoming move, but it's unfortunate you have to leave your good friends.