09 March 2012

A Pretty Spot in My Day

Phewy, it's been a long week. My kids have been succumbing to a nasty virus that develops into high-fevers and croupy coughs. Another one bit the dust, as Jane is now bed-ridden and looking excessively puny. Somehow, I've managed to stay healthy so far, which is no small miracle given the propensity for sick kids to climb in one's bed and huff all over one's face. Besides the good Lord's mercy, I chalk it up to diligent hand-washing and, uh ... "nasal-rinsing" ... I'm telling you, it works. I started it last summer for my allergies, and consequently have not been sick since. I use it every day and twice a day if I feel something coming on.

It's not glamorous, but nine months of no illness even though every single member of my family has been sick at least once during that period? Who needs glamour!

That said, I am still weary of fielding sickness and wary of coming down with it myself. So in the midst of the yuck, there is nothing like a little moment of beauty. Water droplets on succulents? A pretty spot in my day.


  1. Nasal rinsing?!! It's just so funny that you actually wrote the words. But, I am a fan of the neti pot too!! Swear by it, actually! Praying for health for your family!

  2. Oh dear, I do hope it's been a restful weekend for all the sick ones (and for the caregivers).

    Beautiful moments... they are everywhere, even in the yuck. God give us eyes to see!