10 September 2013

The Little Rascals Start Again

Jane, 2nd grade

 Lucette, 5th grade
Peter, 7th grade

Another new year ...

... but they are still my same little rascals.

Through the years:

08 September 2013

How to Turn Eight, Jane Style

 Start with some Grandma time on a blanket in the sun.

 She'll listen to everything you have to say.

Since you love rocks, use them as decorations and weights for a stack of napkins or fly-away tablecloths.

 Make sure you serve angel food cake with peach sauce. Everyone will come to the party, for sure.

Speaking of cakes. Hydrangea make the perfect cake topper.

 Sometimes it's too windy and the candles won't stay lit. It's okay if your mom just lights one candle and you blow it out very quickly.

The last step is to enjoy your cake and be loved by those that love.

07 September 2013

Jane Turns Eight

Jane's Birthday in Pictures



All she wanted for her birthday was a trip to the coast with some of her most favorite people on earth. Happy days.