29 September 2011

Sweet Memories and Posterity

My mother was amazing. Not only did she create many memorable garments of my childhood ... but she saved them, too. They are treasures.

I, however, have been a consistent noodle-head over the years, forgetting to pull them out for the girls to have their turn. When they were little I was so overwhelmed in general, I just couldn't get my act together. I figured I could do it the next day. Or week. Or kid.

But then they got older and I would just plan ol' forget. 

Until I'd stumble upon them and force my girls into them to take a picture. For posterity and such. Because if you can zip it up, it fits, right?

I remember wearing these coveralls while working with Dad on his white Chevy Nova. (With red vinyl bench seats that scald and stick to your sweaty kids thighs in the summer, thank you very much.)

Dad had a matching set of coveralls with an appropriate "Jack" patch. Naturally, I needed a patch too. Mama made me an "Anna" patch.

I felt so. loved.

So even though I am late, as usual, in appreciating the precious bits of past my mother lovingly saved, they are dearly appreciated, nonetheless.

And actually, overdue as it is, I've taken great enjoyment documenting my Jane for posterity ... because that posterior view is filling me with glee.

The Biggest Peach Pie I've Ever Made

I prayed to Jesus the entire time I was working the crusts.

27 September 2011

Birthday Celebration, Pops Style

Saturday was Pops' birthday. Though some of us were feeling a bit puny from sore throats, we still had enough gumption for a little evening celebration. By request, we headed over to the notorious "poop fountains."

Frisbees were thrown (did you know Pops is a fancy-shmancy "ultimate disc" player?), chasing ensued, and acorn experiments launched. The scientific test performed? If you bounce an acorn off of Pops' forehead does it make a different sound if his mouth is open or closed? (It does. And it will leave a mark.)

We decided to forgo the birthday applesauce cake for consumption at home as the air was a little "briney" and not particularly conducive to the munchies.

So instead, we played a little Daddy-Monster and all agreed that he is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

**Pops would correct me that the disc in the photo is a disc-golf disc, not an ultimate frisbee disc. These things are important. I don't want to be responsible for any calamities due to negligent misrepresentation. Amen.

22 September 2011

This is What Eighty Looks Like

See this stunner? This would be Jane's Great-Grandmother, Gigi. Gigi is Pops' grandmother. Gigi turned eighty this year.


(**Yes, those would be black stilettos she is wearing.)

21 September 2011

An Afternoon with Macarons and Pearls

 When having a tea-party with the grannies, don't forget the macarons ...

... and a hat and pearls, of course.

19 September 2011

To Pray Into Our Children

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord,
   my confidence since my youth. 
Psalm 71:5

I have been thinking, lately, of what to specifically pray about for each of my children. For Peter? Confidence. Confidence in the Lord, confidence in who he is in the Lord. The kind of confidence that cannot be shaken, because He is faithful.

15 September 2011

To Be Rooted and Built Up

 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 

rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. 
Colossians 2:6-7

Ever know that God is calling you to something, but are waiting for his timing? After being involved with a women's ministry for a number of years, I've decided it's now my turn to serve at a deeper level. I'm excited, yet a tad intimidated by the commitment and responsibility.

The women I will be serving with are amazing, rooted women of faith. They are taking an active role in shepherding me and encouraging me so that I might do the same for others. One of the ladies said to me today, "You don't need to be the source, you need to go to the Source." Now that puts everything into perspective, doesn't it?

Like so many things God asks of us ... we have to hold onto Him to do any kind of a decent job. Because if we are resting upon our own strength, perched upon our own resources, we are at risk of washing away when the tide comes in. And the tide ... the waves ... they always come.

But in Christ, when we are rooted in Him and strengthened in our faith with a teachable spirit, the overflow is not overwhelming, but instead, thankfulness.

Now doesn't an abundance of thankfulness sound nice?

13 September 2011

The Art of Poaching an Egg

It's no secret I do love a well-prepared egg. Much like Sam-I-Am, I like them scrambled, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or fried. I like them sweet or savory, in a frittata or quiche or omelet, I do.

But only recently have I dared the poached egg. I had no doubt I would fancy them, but cracking an egg into boiling water seems rather daunting, doesn't it? But. Risk taker that I am ... I dared to gamble.

And quite happy was I! Turns out you just need to bring a small pot of water to a gentle boil, add a teaspoon of vinegar (supposedly keeps the egg from separating, but I like the 'zing' it gives, too), and crack in your egg. Cook for 3 minutes exactly. (5 minutes if you want to avoid a soft-center, but why would you want to do that??) With slotted spoon, fish out of the water and place on top of sourdough toast spread with a little goat cheese and spinach. Salt and pepper.

Another reason to love breakfast.

10 September 2011

Taking Care of Business, Girl-Style

 We've been on full lavender-alert over here. Scenting the playhouse, making sachets, brewing lavender tea, and contemplating a parfumerie.

It's serious business, being a girl.

So very much to attend to.

09 September 2011

Sister Love

When I took this photo, time stood still for a moment. It was though I was the observer, the outsider catching a quick glimpse of a treasured secret.

I hope they have a lifetime of moments just like this.

06 September 2011

The First Day, All Three

 I sent my baby off to kindergarten today. My littlest dear-heart. She was so excited this morning she was vibrating. I'm so grateful she has joy and excitement over the new experiences that await. She will shine and soar.

Myself? A touch misty over this transition. Moving from being a mama of littles to a mama of school children. Such a golden time this is for us right now, but I am amazed that the baby/toddler/preschool phase has been completed. Going. so. fast.

 This picture makes me realize how much my Lucette has grown. Third grade? She is a young lady now, I am realizing. Sometimes I wish I could halt time and keep her little. But then I would miss out on all she is becoming. She is such an eager, willing, zesty girl.

 And my boy. A fifth grader this year. He's all limbs, and brains, and band-aids, and smiles. I love this kid. He makes me proud in so many ways.

 The three of them. Together. My abiding, goofy, reality-check joys.

 We walked into school together today. Knee-socks pulled high, fresh haircut for the boy, new shoes ready for adventures to come.

 The girl who can't wait, the boy who could ... but is ready, and the little one who still needs just a little bit of Mama. Thank goodness.

And here we go ...

02 September 2011

The Working Wardrobe

 It can be hard to stay fashionable when the weather begins to cool but the summer chores still need to be done. Need some transitional pieces? Leggings and a lace scarf are the go-to items for fall, didn't you know. Chic and practical.

01 September 2011

Making a Crisp-Topped Pie When You Pick Too Much Fruit

 What do you get when you combine this ...

 With these?

Lots of empty bowls!