27 September 2011

Birthday Celebration, Pops Style

Saturday was Pops' birthday. Though some of us were feeling a bit puny from sore throats, we still had enough gumption for a little evening celebration. By request, we headed over to the notorious "poop fountains."

Frisbees were thrown (did you know Pops is a fancy-shmancy "ultimate disc" player?), chasing ensued, and acorn experiments launched. The scientific test performed? If you bounce an acorn off of Pops' forehead does it make a different sound if his mouth is open or closed? (It does. And it will leave a mark.)

We decided to forgo the birthday applesauce cake for consumption at home as the air was a little "briney" and not particularly conducive to the munchies.

So instead, we played a little Daddy-Monster and all agreed that he is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

**Pops would correct me that the disc in the photo is a disc-golf disc, not an ultimate frisbee disc. These things are important. I don't want to be responsible for any calamities due to negligent misrepresentation. Amen.


  1. I love that picture so much. :)

  2. Daddies should be celebrated well. Good job.

    {I can't throw or catch a frisbee-disc-flying-saucer to save my life!}