19 September 2011

To Pray Into Our Children

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord,
   my confidence since my youth. 
Psalm 71:5

I have been thinking, lately, of what to specifically pray about for each of my children. For Peter? Confidence. Confidence in the Lord, confidence in who he is in the Lord. The kind of confidence that cannot be shaken, because He is faithful.


  1. Love this! I am trying, note the trying, to keep a list for each child of specific scriptures to pray for my kids. It is so great to look back and see how He has been faithful to answer those prayers.

    PS: S. looks so grown up!

  2. I have a list on my iphone, for each child (yet another reason to love my phone). And I love that photo. He's so cute and I agree with Bonnie, he is looking grown-up. Goes so fast.