27 June 2014

The Becoming of Memories

 Today was an interesting day. A revisiting and packing up of memories in preparation for future. I was hesitant to begin the removal and storage of all of our wall hangings, decorations, books ... the signs that have made this house our house and not that of someone else.

Is it the thing, the place that is so dear ... or just that it is what, where our memories rest upon? How come memories feel so sweet and yet so tender all at once?

It was hard at first to fill the boxes, but now I am finding it somewhat cathartic. With each bare wall exposed and empty bookcase wiped down, I am reminded of what really makes this house special. Our home and yard have been lovely, yes. But what has truly made it special is that it held us and our memories. The us  part ... well, we are still intact. Ready to be held by a new place ... together. Us.

My mama was here for the day, a regular workhorse she is. She packed box upon box with tetris-like precision. Not only was she a massive help, but it was a treasure to talk about future plans and reminisce over the past. After unloading the attic, we came upon the box marked "wedding dress" and I remarked that after sixteen years, I have never once taken it back out, nor tried it on.

So, guess what we did.

23 June 2014

Our Kind of Fun

This evening we played croquet. At first glance, we are a menacing group.

16 June 2014

Like Nothing Else

One of the marvelous things about this move is how we have been questioning our spending and our acquisitions, as we need to curb both. The result has been a winnowing of possessions (we still have pleeeeenty!) and an adjustment in our gift giving.

For Father's Day this year, Pops received a homemade, from scratch double-layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache with candied lemons from Lucette (wowzas), a painting of geraniums entitled "You are Always Here for Me" and a plate of cookies from Jane, and from Peter, a hand-whittled letter-opener carved from a laurel wood branch in our backyard.

Doesn't handmade say "I love you" like nothing else?

14 June 2014

And this is not your own doing ...

We are in process of finishing the sale of our house. A week on the market, sold for a reasonable price for both parties (we think, at least!), to an adorable young Christian family that is expecting their first baby in October. Praise God. I absolutely despise negotiations, as I find the pull between looking out for our own interests, yet being mindful and kind to other parties involved ... a nerve-wracking tightrope walk. Praying the inspection goes well and the final details are managed smoothly.

In the interim, as we are not quite ready to begin the massive disassembling and packing-up of the house, I've begun research on possible English-speaking churches or general fellowship in area we will be living. This has been a massive prayer of ours, that God would provide some sort of connection/fellowship with other believers ... in English ... while our language skills move past infancy.

10 June 2014

Berry Picking Preparation

 In the midst of all of this house-selling hoopla, we hope to break out tomorrow morning for some strawberry picking.

Jane painted her nails in anticipation. It's always lovely to match your manicure to your activity!

07 June 2014

In All These Things

Yesterday our dear little home was listed for sale. After a marathon of touch-ups and carpet cleaning and closet organizing and stuff purging ... we pounded a sign into the front lawn declaring that our home of 8.5 years was ready for a new family. In exactly 2 months we will be leaving for France. It is time to let go to move forward.

I have complete peace that this is what we are to do to pursue the next adventure God has lined up. But it is not without some melancholy. Everywhere I look I see memories. The staircase that Pops rebuilt and the children have trotted down every morning.

03 June 2014

The Braided Bread Wizard

Miss Lucette is quite the whiz in the kitchen, these days. Completely by herself (including clean-up!!), full-on yeasty bread dough, braided and baked to perfection! Thanks, doll!