16 June 2014

Like Nothing Else

One of the marvelous things about this move is how we have been questioning our spending and our acquisitions, as we need to curb both. The result has been a winnowing of possessions (we still have pleeeeenty!) and an adjustment in our gift giving.

For Father's Day this year, Pops received a homemade, from scratch double-layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache with candied lemons from Lucette (wowzas), a painting of geraniums entitled "You are Always Here for Me" and a plate of cookies from Jane, and from Peter, a hand-whittled letter-opener carved from a laurel wood branch in our backyard.

Doesn't handmade say "I love you" like nothing else?


  1. Perfect! Did Lucette make the lemons?

  2. Oh, Anna, your children have truly expressed their hearts to Pops, in these gifts, and I love that each of them have used their own talents in that expression.

    Values definitely in the right place!

  3. I love their gifts, so unique and special!