27 June 2014

The Becoming of Memories

 Today was an interesting day. A revisiting and packing up of memories in preparation for future. I was hesitant to begin the removal and storage of all of our wall hangings, decorations, books ... the signs that have made this house our house and not that of someone else.

Is it the thing, the place that is so dear ... or just that it is what, where our memories rest upon? How come memories feel so sweet and yet so tender all at once?

It was hard at first to fill the boxes, but now I am finding it somewhat cathartic. With each bare wall exposed and empty bookcase wiped down, I am reminded of what really makes this house special. Our home and yard have been lovely, yes. But what has truly made it special is that it held us and our memories. The us  part ... well, we are still intact. Ready to be held by a new place ... together. Us.

My mama was here for the day, a regular workhorse she is. She packed box upon box with tetris-like precision. Not only was she a massive help, but it was a treasure to talk about future plans and reminisce over the past. After unloading the attic, we came upon the box marked "wedding dress" and I remarked that after sixteen years, I have never once taken it back out, nor tried it on.

So, guess what we did.

 Sometimes we don't realize the beauty of simple moments until they become a memory.

And fortunately ... memories travel.


  1. "Memories travel." I like that. With all of the changes in store for each of us in the family, this next year, those two words soothe my heart. Love you.

  2. Favorite post ever, ever ever!!! I have chills! Those photos = LOVE.

  3. so wise. thank you. wedding dress photos are so sweet.

  4. I love that memories travel and I can't wait to read about all the new adventurous memories you are creating! Your posts make me smile and tear up!

  5. You had a beautiful wedding dress, I looked at mine a couple of months ago, I think I would still fit it, but I was so disappointed to see that it had discoloured from white to a coffee colour. Wondering if the drycleaning chemicals did something to the silk:(