04 July 2014

Fitting Together

Uzes, France

Can you imagine the kinds of questions I have swirling through my head these days? So, so many. Big things like school for the kids, doctor's visits, how I'll manage phone conversations (??) and what to do in case of an emergency.

But I also have questions like ... which bank should we set up an account with? Do we buy a car, lease a car? How long should we reserve a rental to cover us until we figure this out? What do we do if someone chips a tooth? Are there other English speakers in our area that we can befriend? How about church? How about classes to improve our French? Which market should I go to? Where can I buy socks and underwear? (I don't know why, but this seems important.)

This last week, a friend of our landlord emailed and offered her services. She will be available to us once we are there to help us navigate all the challenges of getting settled and in meantime has been exceedingly generous in answering questions via email. This is a huge answer to prayer and to top it all off, she has been so warm and encouraging in our exchanges.

I feel so bolstered after emailing with her. She is answering all of our little detail questions and assures us that she will walk us through the big stuff once we get there. I know they aren't big huggers in France, but it may be hard for me to resist once we finally meet up.

Additionally, I received an email from the church in CondĂ© giving us an early welcome. How nice to know that we will have an English service we can attend twice a month! 

I'm a bit in denial that we will be French residents in six weeks, as there is so much to do still. What to bring, what to store, what to sell? So many people we love and adore that we want to spend time with! But piece by piece, it is all fitting together. 

**Interesting to note, apparently one cannot lease vehicles in France unless you have had a French bank account for at least a year. We will rent for a month or so while we get our bearings and then buy. Not sure how it will all work out ... payment plans, buy backs? Sure hope so! As a dear lady at church reminds me, "One more opportunity to turn even the simple things over to the Lord." Good advice.

Any more good advice out there?

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