10 July 2014

A Straight Way

Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, 
and He delivered them from their distress. 
He led them by a straight way 
to a city where they could settle. 
Let them give thanks to the Lord 
for His unfailing love ...
Psalm 107:6-8

Making this my anthem today. Feeling mighty overwhelmed and disoriented on a twisty-turvy path. If I step outside myself, I know this is a season and we will press through. He will make our paths straight and lead us to "a city where we can settle." But today ... I feel weary before I've started.

Know the feeling?


  1. I feel for you! You have the right attitude. The Lord definitely knows your path and will make your way straight. When I left for a year I didn't have my own home yet so I can't begin to imagine all the decisions you have to make and then ACT upon the decisions before you can depart. You will not drown!!!