30 April 2012

A Bike Ride & Otherwise

 Yesterday we attempted a bike ride. Jane can ride without training wheels, you know. It was a little tenuous, at moments, those nasty sidewalk curbs and all. But sparkle shoes help keep up morale and soon we were at the path entrance.

It's crazy steep, so we (mom) insisted on walking the bike down. About halfway down we ran into Pops, who had zipped ahead.

 Turns out Pops blew a tire. So we just applauded Pops' man-strength and turned around for home. Jane's method was to pedal ahead, wait, run back, and skip about Pops in intervals.

 Lucette and Peter made a dash for home, but Jane and I wanted to keep an eye on Pops.

I know I sure did. Wink, wink.

27 April 2012

Ahhh, Drat! I Don't Live in Marrakesh

 He's always doing this to me. I'll look at the weather forecast and catch my breath ... "What?! Sunny skies? Eighty degrees? What luck, what joy!!"

And then. I notice. Marrakesh. I don't live in Marrakesh.

Peter views humor as a covert operation. He almost always wins.

(And yes, the clock is set for Mumbai time and the calculator has a most impressive computation. Why? I guess because it is just cool to know these things ...)

20 April 2012

Keepin' It Straight

I'm not a big fan of sponges in the kitchen ... to hard to keep clean and all ... but I do find appreciation for them in the bathroom. But how to keep the sink sponge separate from the toilet sponge? Different colors? I always get confused which is which.

However, years ago I started snipping off the corner of the toilet sponge. Regardless of color, I always know which sponge goes with the gross job! What a relief. This is no time for a mix-up!

18 April 2012

I Need a Smile and a Hand-Pat

A primrose that looks like a geranium in a happy coral-pink that seems to be thriving in an old pot on my hearth? Yes, please! Best three dollars I've spent in a while. It's been a lovely splash of cheer to punctuate my rather jumbled and chaotic days of late.

My mind has been a muddle of things to do. Must get international driver's license, must make baked chicken for dinner, must fold rumpled pile of laundry, must help with school project on Alaska's natural resources, must find decent walking shoes that aren't too granny-looking, must scrub bathroom sink that is disturbingly pink around the drain-stopper ... Blaaak!

I'm a bit of a nut-case lately, in truth. In fact, all I really seem to be accomplishing is fretting and blitzing about appearing to be getting things done.

Please smile at me, pat my hand and tell me I'm not the only one who gets like this...

09 April 2012

He Is Still Risen!

 We decided to make a new tomb this year, as our old tomb was suffering from some structural damage. Our new display was most fancy. Replete with wooden crosses (complements of Peter), grass, and a sunken tomb. The kids had a lot of fun putting it together, but I think we were all a little sad not to seal the tomb with an onion (don't have a stone big enough, use an onion!), as we have in the past. Funny what becomes tradition, no?

But something that didn't change? The risen Jesus! Still the same, happy Jesus that shows up at every Easter. Appropriate, I think.

05 April 2012

To Rely Upon

 Lucette has been learning how to deal with friend challenges this year. A necessary, but difficult part of growing up. There has been plenty of talking, praying, strategizing. Successful attempts and failed efforts on the friend-front. It's been a challenge for both of us.

But what I came to realize, for myself, was I couldn't fix any of it for her. Our talking creates open communication and bonding between the two of us. It doesn't necessarily create solutions. And that is okay. Our relationship, our security together, is far more important than any 8 year-old friendship. It just is. And so we talk. And we cry. And we hug. And we smile at each other. And we pray together.

Lucette, I tell her. We will pray. God knows. God allows. God instructs. God loves. You get to learn to take these issues to Him. Develop your own faith walk and prayer life. And I get to stand beside you and pray right along, every step of the way.

This afternoon, while emptying out her lunch bag, she says to me, "Mom, you know these friend problems I've been having? Well, I've realized something. They make me rely on you more." She throws out her trash, puts away her lunch bag, and looks at me. "I love you, Mom."

My heart melts. And I am so grateful. And as she learns to rely on me, I get to point her to the One that is always reliable. What a gift.

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
   God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 
I John 4:16

02 April 2012

Jane Conquers Boredom

 Someone got into the tape ... of the "Caution" and "masking" varieties. Masking tape is a life necessity like can openers and doormats. But the caution tape? I have no idea where it even came from.

But there is certainly plenty in this household to behold with caution! And plenty of amusement as well ...