02 April 2012

Jane Conquers Boredom

 Someone got into the tape ... of the "Caution" and "masking" varieties. Masking tape is a life necessity like can openers and doormats. But the caution tape? I have no idea where it even came from.

But there is certainly plenty in this household to behold with caution! And plenty of amusement as well ...


  1. oh my word, she is SO cute and funny. And I love her eyes in photo #1, beautiful!

  2. Nice accessories, Jane! I really love your dress.

    I'm betting the caution tape is leftover from the stairwell project...

  3. my aunt and uncle once "tee-pee"d our house with caution tape instead of TP! I'm sure your kids would love that! Hummmm...who could you do that to?


  4. Love it! She is soooo cute! My kids were a little bored on Friday and I remembered what you said at the end of summer. It's good to let them be a little bored. Then they're ready for school!