30 April 2012

A Bike Ride & Otherwise

 Yesterday we attempted a bike ride. Jane can ride without training wheels, you know. It was a little tenuous, at moments, those nasty sidewalk curbs and all. But sparkle shoes help keep up morale and soon we were at the path entrance.

It's crazy steep, so we (mom) insisted on walking the bike down. About halfway down we ran into Pops, who had zipped ahead.

 Turns out Pops blew a tire. So we just applauded Pops' man-strength and turned around for home. Jane's method was to pedal ahead, wait, run back, and skip about Pops in intervals.

 Lucette and Peter made a dash for home, but Jane and I wanted to keep an eye on Pops.

I know I sure did. Wink, wink.

1 comment:

  1. {Smile} Although the little pixie is quite distracting too.