27 April 2012

Ahhh, Drat! I Don't Live in Marrakesh

 He's always doing this to me. I'll look at the weather forecast and catch my breath ... "What?! Sunny skies? Eighty degrees? What luck, what joy!!"

And then. I notice. Marrakesh. I don't live in Marrakesh.

Peter views humor as a covert operation. He almost always wins.

(And yes, the clock is set for Mumbai time and the calculator has a most impressive computation. Why? I guess because it is just cool to know these things ...)


  1. Love it! What would we do without boys and their fun loving ways?!

  2. haha! I love this too, but I never think to do this to people! My sister, she loves to turn some of my mom's tsotchkes around when she stops by their house. Then, hours or days later my mom will notice and have a fit. It's so funny.