20 April 2012

Keepin' It Straight

I'm not a big fan of sponges in the kitchen ... to hard to keep clean and all ... but I do find appreciation for them in the bathroom. But how to keep the sink sponge separate from the toilet sponge? Different colors? I always get confused which is which.

However, years ago I started snipping off the corner of the toilet sponge. Regardless of color, I always know which sponge goes with the gross job! What a relief. This is no time for a mix-up!


  1. That's such a great idea!! I might have to steal that one.

    For years I've had the same problem...
    Yellow for the sun means it's the sink sponge.
    Or is it blue for the sky means it the sink sponge?

    No more worrying and wasting sponges! Thank you!

  2. Perfect! This is definitely one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" ideas.

  3. It's 'pink for sink and blue for loo' which pretty much falls apart if the sponges aren't those colours!
    Cutting is simpler. Good idea!!