06 September 2011

The First Day, All Three

 I sent my baby off to kindergarten today. My littlest dear-heart. She was so excited this morning she was vibrating. I'm so grateful she has joy and excitement over the new experiences that await. She will shine and soar.

Myself? A touch misty over this transition. Moving from being a mama of littles to a mama of school children. Such a golden time this is for us right now, but I am amazed that the baby/toddler/preschool phase has been completed. Going. so. fast.

 This picture makes me realize how much my Lucette has grown. Third grade? She is a young lady now, I am realizing. Sometimes I wish I could halt time and keep her little. But then I would miss out on all she is becoming. She is such an eager, willing, zesty girl.

 And my boy. A fifth grader this year. He's all limbs, and brains, and band-aids, and smiles. I love this kid. He makes me proud in so many ways.

 The three of them. Together. My abiding, goofy, reality-check joys.

 We walked into school together today. Knee-socks pulled high, fresh haircut for the boy, new shoes ready for adventures to come.

 The girl who can't wait, the boy who could ... but is ready, and the little one who still needs just a little bit of Mama. Thank goodness.

And here we go ...


  1. Oh, what a special day! I got a little teary reading this and seeing your little ones in their first-day best. And you looked fab all dressed up too :)

  2. love these pictures, such great moments you captured!! your looking quite stunning too, anna!!

  3. The kids all look adorable, although the small one with that huge pink backpack has to be my favorite, how miniature that makes her look! You looked awesome, hello- much better than my look this morning, as my alarm failed me and I woke up with the kids! Hat and ponytail for me, and no shower until late. Blah! Hope they all had a great first day!!!!

  4. what a special set of pictures! So nice to know moms can still look good when they walk their kids to school :) I see so many other parents in sweats and pajamas.

  5. Ladies, you are so kind. And while I did gussy up today (Pops and I went out for morning coffee together for the first time ever!), I have done the sweats and hat routine more times than I can count.

    Life. It just happens.

  6. Smile. What a beautiful, wistful morning. Yes, Lucette has grown. I'm somewhat comforted to know that I'm not the only mother of a smart boy who COULD wait...

    Kindergarten excitement mixed with a little clingy-ness is one of the most precious things that I have experienced lately.

  7. So sweet, they have grown so much. I love your photos, and you looked lovely.

    p.s. I love your shoes! Do tell..

  8. LOVE all the back to school pictures Anna! I know what you mean about it going fast!!!

  9. So wonderful! And so special! And so precious. My, how the time does fly. I love that you have photos of yourself with the children on that special first day.