29 September 2011

Sweet Memories and Posterity

My mother was amazing. Not only did she create many memorable garments of my childhood ... but she saved them, too. They are treasures.

I, however, have been a consistent noodle-head over the years, forgetting to pull them out for the girls to have their turn. When they were little I was so overwhelmed in general, I just couldn't get my act together. I figured I could do it the next day. Or week. Or kid.

But then they got older and I would just plan ol' forget. 

Until I'd stumble upon them and force my girls into them to take a picture. For posterity and such. Because if you can zip it up, it fits, right?

I remember wearing these coveralls while working with Dad on his white Chevy Nova. (With red vinyl bench seats that scald and stick to your sweaty kids thighs in the summer, thank you very much.)

Dad had a matching set of coveralls with an appropriate "Jack" patch. Naturally, I needed a patch too. Mama made me an "Anna" patch.

I felt so. loved.

So even though I am late, as usual, in appreciating the precious bits of past my mother lovingly saved, they are dearly appreciated, nonetheless.

And actually, overdue as it is, I've taken great enjoyment documenting my Jane for posterity ... because that posterior view is filling me with glee.


  1. I love it, they go so perfectly with her braids!

  2. She looks totally cute in those!! My mom did not save clothes, thankfully, but most of my dolls and Barbies. It is so precious to see my girls play with things I had and brings back so many memories. So, like you, I feel slightly guilty that I rush everything off to Goodwill or sell it a garage sale because I don't want to keep it. My kids will not get those memories. I feel guilty, but I don't change. Boo!

  3. Oh my heavenly stars... so many layers of funniness here! I can't stop smiling.

  4. I love this story and Jane looks very cute! We had a similar situation with a sailor outfit of my husband's and it ended up being a midriff on my son by the time he wore it. But hey, better late than never!

  5. this may just be the sweetest thing ever!!! such a doll.