12 January 2010

Dutch Baby Bliss

In pursuit of exploring my new-found love for cast iron, we whipped up a colossal Dutch Baby courtesy of a cookbook devoted to just such a mission.

You can make them savory and add in herbs and perhaps some ham or sausage, but we opted for sweet. Dust on powdered sugar and you have a near masterpiece.

It reminded me a of an egg-y beignet. Mmm ... can't go wrong with a little bit of Cafe Du Monde. Pops and I nearly ate our weight in beignets and stupendously copious amount of confectioner's sugar when were there several years ago. Speaking of which, New Orleans is a city to eat your way through! Aside from the baked goods, I also ate 2 pounds of bacon and three servings of bread pudding after a meal one afternoon. You read that right, and no I don't regret it at all. It was a magnificent experience. But I digress.

We sliced our sweet dutch baby into large wedges, added more powdered sugar, and a nice little custard cup of applesauce to complete the breakfast. A lovely little morning meal ... even without any bacon.


  1. That looks absolutely delicious!

    I must definitely look into expanding the limited ways I have been using my cast iron skillets!

  2. Ooh, I've only had these with apples. The idea of savories intrigues me . . . mmm!

  3. I don't believe it...2 lbs? That can't be true!
    That looks absolutely (using Tyler's favortite word) SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!

  4. Dawnelle-

    Unfortunately, the 2 lbs. is correct. It was a mammoth amount of bacon.

    Turns out...I was pregnant with #2 and didn't know it.

    Apparently, bacon cravings mean you are having a very spunky little girl.

  5. Mmm, those look good! I've never had a Dutch Baby, but I just used my skillet for French Toast today - it's a kitchen must-have.

  6. Hey, great minds think alike, I was just about to do a post about german pancakes/dutch babies myself!! I LOOOOVE them. I crave them all the time when I'm pregnant but my wrists get very weak so I have to make sure my hubby is around to lift that heavy skillet for me. :-) I like them with meyer lemons & powdered sugar (a whole lemon!)
    what kind of lens are you using for your food shots? I have a cannon... the macro lens I own is for very tiny objects and I can never get the right about of blurring on my food pics with my standard lens.

  7. mmmm...I do love these babies...try squeezing a lemon on after the powdered sugar (or before, both ways a taste treat) I had forgotten! We'll be trying these again soon! love, gini

  8. We love breakfast dates and our favorite spot for one is pancake house in my hometown that boasts an apple-cinnamon Dutch baby specialty. Yum! I've never tried making one myself, I think I should... with bacon on the side.