19 January 2010

It's Almost Time

It's like anticipating a pregnancy. We're definitely in the third trimester and I feel like a proud, expectant parent. All this waiting ... it's even a little nerve-wracking.

So much could come into play, you know. A rogue super-ball could ricochet off the mantel and accost a young bud. Small hands might get too curious, or it could just tumble to it's doom during some evening wrestling mayhem. Such perilous possibilities!

Now I just pace the floor, wringing my hands in wait for the birth of the first bloom. I'll let you know just as soon as they're here.


  1. My orchid is about to do the same thing! I have been seeing little buds forming and I so look forward to seeing the beautiful blooms. It really is like waiting for birth :)

  2. Remember how I commented on your earlier orchid post about how my new shoot was just leaves? I kept meaning to cut it off and I'm glad I didn't because out of those leave came the stem for the new blossoms. Good thing I'm not on top of things at my house!

  3. Oh, oh, oh! There is very little that delights me more than anticipating an orchid about to burst forth in bloom.