18 January 2010

A Space of Her Own

Miss Lucette wanted a desk for Christmas. We found a lovely antique vanity (minus the mirror) on craigslist and put a whole lotta' love into fixing it up. Sandpaper, wood filler, primer, paint, wipe-on poly, the works.

She wanted a place for her very own and the desk was all that it took. When it was revealed to her on Christmas, her eyes got wide and she caught her breath. "It's just too much" she whispered.

The old desk lamp painted gold and cream nestles nicely amidst her bits of beauty on display.

The desk itself we painted an antique white, which turned out to have a rather lovely buttery quality to it. A bit of distressing on the edges, as it seemed to warm the piece up and feel just right. I also had some leftover fabric from the curtains and recovered the seat cushion to match (with a practical piece of clear vinyl over top!).

The drawers were rather difficult to open initially, but nothing a few swipes from some bar soap couldn't handle. Inside she has drawer organizers to manage her endeavors. I think desk drawers are such insight into personality. I see Lucette represented in every little item.

What pleasure it gave us to prepare this desk for her. I hope it brings her many moments of pleasure for years to come.


  1. It's lovely! I took notes... we bought an antique dresser that I'm hoping to refinish in the next couple of weeks. It looks so sweet.

  2. I spy something interesting!! HAHAHA!!!

  3. What a lovely Christmas wish! I remember being in the first grade and also wanting a desk of my own. It's perfect for growing girl with lots of little treasures to store away and creativity to apply. A most delightful gift to be sure, one that she won't ever forget.

  4. How wonderful and what a treasure!

  5. so adorable, and I love the little cat, and the dishes w/ the specials in them (what are those little round things- marbles?). It turned out soooo cute. I need to stop by and see it in the room!

  6. Such a gift, finished with love every step of the way, is something she'll treasure for years to come :o)

  7. The desk is gorgeous and I loved seeing all her treasures on top. Great job! (o:

  8. love the way you organized inside. we did a dresser this way for the oldest.

    it looks lovely. like any growing girl could love.

    hmmmm. got me thinking.