14 January 2010

In the Sewing Room

A while back I culled the children's toys, placed the remainder in their rooms and took over the spare bedroom -- all with a greedy giggle and complete lack of remorse. What luxury to have a work room! Lots of endeavors take place in this room, but mostly my sewing.

I picked up a well-loved (read: slightly beat-up) 1950's yellow-marbled formica drop-leaf table for pattern cutting, set up some shelves for fabric and plunked my machine on a Costco fold-up table. Works very nicely.

I'm a sucker for old sewing books and recently nabbed this Better Homes & Garden binder. The color photographs in this one remind me of every snapshot of my early childhood, as they all have a deep golden-orange hue. Certainly makes a statement ... of some kind!

Look at this late 60's/early 70's sewing haven. Must have been chic perfection! While I am perfectly content with my current room set-up, I do find myself dreaming of spiffing the room up a bit. Granted, my visions are not quite as bold as the above!

Of course this guide is also full of practical suggestions. I'm thinking of bringing back the "shift" dress code in my wardrobe. Functional and chic, if you ask me.

And, the book wouldn't be complete without instructions for slip-covering your davenports and adding "perky trims" to little girl dresses.

I'm itching to try some of the patterns and suggestions. Wherever do I begin?


  1. That was the sewing book I inherited from my Grandma! Sadly, I don't know what's happened to it. How to great to have a sewing space of you own :)

  2. about sewing the ribbons on Madison's ballet shoes? Does that sound soooo exciting??!

  3. Love that "perky" trim page! PS The chicken and Brie was really good:)

  4. Such a fun post! A workroom of your own... how wonderful.

    Confession: Sometimes I am secretly envious of my husband because he has an office {read: his very own workspace where he keeps books and cool stuff}. Now, granted I get to stay home everyday which is indeed much nicer than a small office, but there are times when I wish for a room, a corner, a closet all to myself!

    Enjoy your little sewing haven! I'm loving the vintage sewing book and the "perky trims" are too much fun.

  5. Oh, I love those sorts of books! Such cute illustrations.

  6. Oh what bliss! I just love your new space...and your fun pin bowl was my cereal bowl at our family cabin when I was a child...many moons ago! love and happy creating...gini