02 January 2010

To Begin, Again

Before the sun was fully awake and the sky was still more gray than blue, I bundled up and drove into the city to a little patisserie.

Time to reflect and wonder while I watched the city streets yawn and stretch and blink it's eyes. To enjoy some eggnog bread pudding alongside a hot, foamy brew.

No real profundities realized or deep, contemplative musings. Just a bit of quiet and a simple moment to experience. By my standards, a very good way to start a year.


  1. nice!
    And what a nice hubby to stay w/ the kids!

  2. Yes! It was wonderful. Plus, since I left so early, everyone was still in their jammies by the time I got home. They hardly missed me!

    Methinks I'll have to do this again!

  3. sounds like a great start to me... happy new year.

  4. Lovely... I was moving slowly this morning but if I knew that a friend, a steamy mug, and bread pudding were waiting for me I would've joined you in a heartbeat!

    Happy New Year, Anna!

  5. lovely post. :o)

    i'm really enjoying your blog.

    jAne *

  6. I've just found your blog and must say I've enjoyed reading through the various posts ... simply delightful :o)