31 December 2009

It is Good

Tela, Honduras

I sit here pondering, a bit amazed at this past year. A year full of joys and sorrows. Everyday life and true adventure. I am so very grateful to have found this journal to capture it. To spoon off a bit of each experience and preserve it for my family.

A year ago I began, not knowing if my interest would continue or wane. And now, as I scan through the entries of this past year, I am so very humbled to see my life in front of me. There is more beauty in my days than I ever realized. To learn this ... such a gift.

The year is concluding, festive decorations tucking into bins to wait until next time. The cozy glamour of the season giving way to fresh starts and possibilities. I am excited, expectant, and always curious.

So. My three little birds. Here is a year of our lives for you. You are deeply loved by imperfect parents who are learning as they go. Grateful to Him for the gift we have in our family. May you look back upon these memories some day and smile. God is good.

It is good to give thanks to the Lord.
Psalm 92:1


  1. Beautifully written thoughts, Anna. Your words brought tears to my eyes, and, in a way, summed up my own feelings about blogging despite having never been able to articulate them as acutely as you have.

  2. Beautiful, Anna. The kids will cherish your memories. I only wish I had a "blog" written by my parents/grandparents. Such a gift!

  3. I am glad that you started this blog for your family. It has been a pleasure to read over the last year and to have a glimpse into your life. It's a beautiful thing!

  4. Amen. Very, well said. You summed up my thoughts exactly.