14 December 2009

Jane in Lilac Flannel

The girls were dreaming of new flannel nightgowns. How can a mother refuse? Jane was to be first, made up in lilac flannel with little pink roses.

I used the same pattern from last year but expanded the pattern margins by about a quarter inch and dropped the sleeve and skirt and hemline to allow for growth. Nightgowns are rather forgiving in the fit.

We added some lace trim,

a creamy pink button from Great-Mother's button tin,

and didn't skimp on the gathering for the puffed sleeves. Oh, little girls are so delicious to dress.


  1. oh. my. goodness.
    those are the sweetest pictures!!!

  2. Beautiful, Anna! I love the touch of lace. And I agree, little girls are so fun to dress.

  3. SO pretty! What beautiful fabric! You are so talented. I agree, too. Little girls are delightful to dress.

  4. Such fun! Should I confess that I just made myself some flannel lilac pjs for grown-up me? I guess you never get too old for some things.

  5. Oh, the fabric is scrumptious (as is the model)! Beautiful work!