01 December 2009

Mad for Plaid

Between the arrival of the Christmas season and my newly purring sewing machine, I just can't stop myself!

I'd been wondering what to make out of this delicious plaid wool yardage from Grandma's stash. First came some coasters backed with a happy holly-red chambray. No longer will my magazines be abused by drippy mugs! And aren't they cute? While unintentional, I like the flirty upbend at the corners.

And then came the zippy pouches. I almost don't want to put these in the shop they are so cute! Vintage metal zippers and a little tabby at the edge.

Wouldn't they even be cute as a little holiday handbag? I'm picturing a trip to the coffee shop with with a fluffy cream scarf and this little honey to stash a bit of cash, Christmas list and pen, and a cheeky tube of lip gloss. Anyone want to meet me for a cappuccino?


  1. YES!! I'd love to meet you for coffee!! Such cute coaster!!

  2. Wow, these are so charming! I can see why you almost don't want to sell them. Mmmm, cappuccinos are my favorite and I would love to meet you for coffee if only I lived closer :)

  3. I too am mad for plaid! Bring on the warm weather patterns and textures. :)
    The coasters look divoon, you did a wonderful job!