30 November 2009

Weekend Festivities

Now, how perfect can a long weekend of continual eating, free childcare (hello, fabulous grandparents!), and general loafing about? Pretty darn perfect.

I am not sure why I like blurry pictures so much, but I love the hazy feel of this pic as the girls are setting up for dinner. Jane is placing Nibbles, the aptly named stuffed critter, to have a good view of the meal.

In general, the children were in an extended state of bliss. Watching them, I was reminded of my own childhood. Oh, those special days where you eat everything and stay up waaaay past bedtime. Yes. Bliss.

I am always eager for the delicious eats and late-night board game competitions, but I was also able to take advantage of the geeky gene-pool that my beloved comes from.

Me: "Hey, Dad! You don't happen to have a battery charger that could fit my camera battery, do you? I forgot mine at home."
Dad: "Hmm ... well, no. But let's see here. That looks like about a 7.4 volt with a standard adapter ... I think I can put something together."

And he did. He built me a battery charger in the garage.

And since I knew the challenge would be too tempting to resist, I brought my cranky sewing machine. The clinky-clicky-clack is now gone and a burr on some rotating arm discovered.

I am extremely hopeful that the bobbin problems that have been haunting me for years are now a thing of the past. Hurrah! Thanks, Dad!

After coming home late Saturday, we awoke Sunday to dive into the Advent season. Oooo, I do love this time of year. Such fun to see the traditions evolve and anticipated.


  1. A lovely weekend indeed! And, hooray for a doctored sewing machine; I can't wait to see what you turn out with it!

  2. Sounds wonderful, your pictures are great, your family is such a blessing!! I love days filled with laughter and food!!

  3. Woo-hooo on getting that sewing machine fixed! I am loving that picture of your dad!!! :)

  4. love that last picture w/ the goggles. Neat- and yay on the machine!

  5. O wow....How lucky are you :) such cool dad! :D