19 November 2009

Trying Something New

Found these gorgeous lemony jasper and faceted turquoise beads and just had to try to do something with them. Turns out that jewelry making pliers probably would do better than my husband's asymmetrical needle-nose variety. Shucks, thought I could wiggle out of that one.

It also turns out that I am lacking some skill I somehow thought would mysteriously generate once I began. I think I'll opt for the term "rustic" in reference to my craftsmanship.

Nevertheless, I kind of like them. What do you think? Are they cute enough to give as C-mas gifts?


  1. Can I please be on your gift list? :)

    I think they are wonderful and beautiful! Totally "gift worthy!" You're very talented!

  2. If you start giving them away add me to the list. They're beautiful!

  3. Well thank you, girls. But let's be honest. I shoved two beads onto a wire and smooshed the wire up so they wouldn't fall off.

    No talent required, but I am glad you think they turned out cute!

  4. Hi Anna,
    Love them, and they are totally gift worthy. And if they ended up for sale, say like a place like etsy, someone (not naming any names,but starts with an m and ends with an e)may want to even purchase a pair for her stocking. LOL You know santa needs all the help he can get,he's so busy with the kids and all. :)
    Have a wonderful day,
    Paula :)

  5. those turned out great! Truly- professional looking. Etsy them, or gift them for sure!

  6. I sure would love to fnd a pair of earrings like these under the Christmas tree!

  7. Very nice. Makes me wish I hadn't gotten rid of all my jewelry making supplies in a fit of spring cleaning frenzy years ago.