24 November 2009

Stocking the Shop

Such a sweet response you gave me when I showed off my first attempt last week! So for fun, I stocked up the Etsy shop. Mostly recreations of designs I've seen others wearing, but the more I tinker the more ideas I begin to have.

I'm particularly liking simple, long necklaces lately. Somehow they pull the trusty t-shirt and jeans into a rather put-together outfit! So, take a peek. Maybe you'll just find a stocking stuffer or two.


  1. You are SO creative. Everything looks totally professional. Really cute- great job!

  2. Okay, for the past 12 hours I've been angling on how to let the professor know that I want to find one of your necklaces in my stocking... hmmm, maybe I'll just put it there myself!

    Beautiful work, Anna. I love the simplicity of your pieces.