10 November 2009

I've Become Quite Ruffled

Now tell me, why on earth would these cute little ruffled dears be on the clearance rack? They are as comfy as slippers and look smashing with leggings, tights, or peeping out from under jeans. Since they were so darling, such a good price, and I had a little b-day cash heatin' up my wallet ... I bought a gray pair too. Feels rather sinful, but I am completely lacking remorse.

While not quite as cheap but still on sale, I found them online in white too. Hmmm ...


  1. Cute tootsies!
    This reminds me, I have to kill some moss.

  2. Those are adorable! An excellent post-birthday splurge. I wish they had them in camel.

  3. Fantastic! Do they come in red, by any chance?