11 November 2009

Off With Mama

The packing has begun, the fanciful daydreaming inches towards reality.

Tomorrow I'll be off for a weekend adventure with my mama. It's hard to go wrong with a girl's weekend, but if my mom is the gal you're jet-setting with ... it's bound to be glorious. She's cute, she's smart, she likes dessert, she laughs uproariously at your jokes, and she's game to try anything. It's a killer recipe for fun.

While we are carelessly gallivanting, Pops will be the hero back home. His super-talents include whipping up meals in the blink of an eye and multi-child muscle wrestling. It's all very impressive and I love him for it.

Ta-ta, my dearies! Back after awhile.


  1. oh, yipee! I hope it's WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful time! You mother sounds irresistible... like you!