07 November 2009

A Little Birthday Love

Don't you just love handmade cards? I received a nice little stack for my birthday, yesterday, and I love how each one represents a little of me and a little of them. In the forefront you see Jane's card. She informed me that the leg/armless lady with a flower headband was me, bookended by a lovely pizza and a doughnut. Well, who doesn't love pizza and doughnuts? Lucette drew the two of us in matching princess outfits and made sweet professions of love. Pops sketched a bit of autumn and Peter included a very functional key in his drawing. Can't blame him for not wanting to draw a full 33 candles.

I also received an e-card from my parents that nearly left me with a stitch in my side.
I would guess this photo to be mid/late-80's as evidenced by my black Keds, tucked (and then pulled-out a little) shirt in seafoam green, poodle perm, and my dad's short-shorts and striped tube socks. Sound about right?

We were on a weekend vacation and mom had the camera handy. (Do you remember the cameras that were long and skinny, like a stretched out ice cream sandwich? Where the view-finder was at one end, which when held to your eye, jutted off your face like a misguided flute?) I recall my dad wanting to take this photo as I, in proper adolescent form, reluctantly agreed. I'm sure it went something like this: "Come on, it'll be funny! Look at that thing! It's huge. What could possibly be the explanation for choosing it as a light fixture?" I believe the official title my father has given to this photo is: "Travelers and the Cone of Silence."

Don't you love how we are just standing there smiling, as if every thing is completely normal? Don't you love how my parents choose this image to send as a birthday greeting? Sigh. Yes, friends, this is a glimpse into my childhood. I am sorry if you find it a bit frightful, but I find it oddly comforting.

I already have a few ideas of what images I'll send my grown children on their birthdays. Oooo, now won't that be fun?


  1. great photo!!! Your dad has a great sense of humor!!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday!!

  2. oh my gosh, i am CRACKING UP! You look like you're about to be sucked into a strange alien tube or something. That is the strangest light fixture ever.

  3. So glad you got some good birthday love! :) And that picture...I only wish I could click to see it larger. Too funny!

    Mmmm, btw, made your roasted veggies from "veggies can make you happy". DELICIOUS! My husband said he doubts anything so wonderful will ever pass his lips again. Your recipes INSPIRE me! So glad you've put them up! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Anna of the eighties... too funny!

    Yes, indeed, the heartfelt homemade cards are the very best ones of all. Tuck them away in special place.

    Now, now more poodle perms!