23 November 2009

To Give a Second Bloom

Aren't orchids intriguing? So mysterious and graceful yet just a tad science fiction. All of those roots and stems and alien blooms. Lovely.

I purchased my first orchid early this year and took so much pleasure from it, I hardly cared if it refused to ever bloom again.

But. I think it will. I'm sure it must need a bigger pot, but I am too scared and ignorant to do anything about it. So, I'm just going to keep watering it on the horribly infrequent basis that I do, and keep my fingers crossed.

So exciting.


  1. Feeling better?

    I adore my orchids (all 4 of them). Just keep watering it every 10 days or so. Yes, it does appear you'll have new blooms. Lucky girl!

  2. Good tip, MG!

    (PS - Ehhhh, feeling so-so. But I'm pretending I'm better since being sick is such a bore!)

    (PPS - Thanks for asking :) )

  3. cute little bud in that photo.
    Hope you're feeling a bit better- being sick stinks!!!

  4. I thought my orchid was going to bloom again earlier this fall. But the tantilizing stem that rose from my plant turned out to be ANOTHER orchid plant, you know, like how spider plants have offshoots. Oh well.