03 November 2009

Let's Not Be Practical

I am loving these shoes so much, I want to hop up and down. I saw them at the thrift store a few weeks ago, but couldn't bring myself to buy them. Even though they appeared to be completely unworn, were the perfect size, and all lovely and strappy and mustardy ... they were $6.99. For better or for worse, I tend to think anything over three dollars at the thrift store is expensive. But when you find yourself daydreaming about the seven-dollar shoes for the next week ... and when you go back they still happen to be there ... it's time to snag them.

It really is too chilly to be wearing shoes like these. As Jane commented yesterday morning, "It's awfully froggy out today! We're gonna hafta' walk on clouds." But I've already worn them twice and it was worth the cold tootsies.

Next week, I get to take a birthday getaway with my own mama and these honeys are coming with. I think I'll feel very cute wearing these while lunching at some little cafe with my sweet mother. Can't wait.


  1. you find the BEST stuff!!!! those are super cute!

  2. If your toes get too cold... wear them while you do the dishes... you'll be the most stylish dishwasher with serious sass!!

  3. Oooh, I LOVE those shoes! And it is hard to find such nice ones at a thrift shop. Great find!

  4. Oh, my. They ARE fabulous!!! I want to see the rest of them! I totally know what you mean about anything over $3 being too much. If it's under, I'm fine with it. If it's over, I carry it around the store and hem and haw about what it will go with, how much I'll wear it, etc, etc, etc. I wonder why $3 is the mental cut-off?