17 November 2009

Filling Up the Dishwasher

Ever have a half-full dishwasher that you can't quite justify running? I had one of those mornings. I knew it wasn't quite empty enough for the impending lunch and dinner dishes ... which means loitering dirties, which I loathe ... but not full enough to press the little magic start button.

The ingenious SOS pads came to my rescue. First, I gave the interiors of all the coffee and tea-stained mugs a good scrub before they were tossed in. It must have been awhile since their last cleaning, for the mugs alone filled up the top rack. Next, I wiggled the stove top grates into the lower rack and gave the stove top and tea kettle a good scour. To finish off the pad (and to keep my hardworking right arm disproportionately larger than my lazy left), I put some muscle into the kitchen sink. Toss in the sink stopper and scrubby brush and hit the coveted button without guilt.

Hmm. I'm so satisfied I might not even sneak cookies from the freezer. Well, on second thought ...


  1. just reading your blog before heading out to carline! I love SOS pads, I love organizing, I love your blog! Makes me want to dig out the SOS pads and do the same, except I always seem to have a full dishwasher. Lame!

  2. The professor and I sat in a downtown coffee shop this past Saturday morning and I sipped tea from a thick white restaurant mug. "I love these mugs," I told him, "they're sturdy and they keep my tea warm." I adore your mugs, especially the robins egg blue on the inside. I'm curious, did you scavenge them? They're to practical and sturdy and comforting -- perfect for the chilly months ahead.

  3. Very smart. Will have to remember this.

  4. Christian-

    In all honesty, I adore them too! I do scavenge them from thrift stores, but they are hard to find. I get extremely excited when I stumble upon them. They also come in cream with the blue interior, but I only have one of those. They are on ebay, but somehow, for me, the thrill of the hunt can be lost with ebay. But, I am tempted from time to time!

    They are called "Taylor Mugs" and are wonderful. Nearly indestructible, go in the dishwasher and microwave, and cute as a button.

    I'll have to do a blog post on them someday!

  5. ::sniff::sniff:: oh, how i miss my dishwasher. my my drip pans and burners haven't been washed since it broke.