15 December 2009

Snowstorms and Soft Trees

Last year at this time we had a big snow. In our area, anything more than a few inches causes quite a kerfluffle, and we had over 3 feet that was thickly frosted with ice. The "Arctic Blast of 2008" really was quite newsworthy.

Needless to say, all of our ill-equipped vehicles lent to a cozy snowed-in existence for a solid week. While we did enjoy ourselves quite thoroughly, the term stir-crazy did find it's application from time to time.

When I found myself in such a state and tumbled upon these soft tree instructions, I just had to make myself a few. Or a dozen.

Unfortunately for Pops' wool sweater, it was the only green fabric I had on hand. "It has a moth hole and he complains it is much to hot," I justified to myself. "And really, this red and white shirt has a stain I've never been able to get out." Snip, snip, stitch, stitch, and a happy family of plush trees was born.

Personally, I love the reincarnation and my Seuss-like forest. And if the snows decide to storm again this year ... I make no promises to Pops' wardrobe.


  1. I love mine- they're in my hutch and look SO cute!

  2. I think, between you and your husband, you are the most creative family! The toothpaste tether isn't as bad as cutting up sweaters and shirts...
    They are cute though...

  3. Soooo... I'm not the only one who cuts up her husbands {old} clothing?!

  4. Adorable little trees! I think calling them a "Seuss-like forest" is the perfect description.