Wednesday, December 30, 2009


They prayed for snow. It came as no surprise to them that God listened.

And so they reveled,

and delighted,

and tasted,

and felt the need to tidy up after it's regal glory.

And Mama was happy too.


  1. I know envy is bad, but I am envious, I want snow!!! It's sunny here, it's just wrong!! I am thrilled you all enjoyed the wonderful snow!

  2. I wish I'd been out there to make my traditional back-breaking 8-foot snowman.

  3. soooo cute! And you know what- that pic of Peter so excited totally reminds me of you! LOVE the pics! We loved our snow, too!!!

  4. The delight is obvious! Love Peter's happy, excited face, and the girls look like little pink snow bunnies! How. much. fun!

    Dear God... send some snow our way.