04 December 2009

Wreath Reinvention

Feeling a little bored with our old version, I'm rather pleased with this new take on an Advent "wreath."

The milk glass candy dish was divested of it's lid and bathroom counter cotton balls for some floral oasis foam, moss, and dollar tapers. A candle to be lit at each of the four Advent Sundays and one in the middle to represent Christ's light on Christmas day.

A fun alternative, don't you think?


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    xoxo Caroline

  2. pretty! I like the tablecloth, too-

  3. I love the milk glass theme you've got going on your table. Moss is great stuff, isn't it?! And it looks great against the milky white. Yes, I like your wreath alternative.

  4. Love your new take on the Advent wreath. I love the beauty of its simplicity.

    Thank you for stopping by today.