03 December 2009

Sweaters for the Windows

We have some drafty old windows. Particularly at the front of the house where the girl's bedroom faces. Pops went up to tuck them in for bed the other night and was grossly disturbed at the freezing air that leaked in at the windowsill. So much so, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Next thing I knew, horror upon horrors, he had the packing tape out and was taping the window frame to the windowsill at the seam. Packing tape!

The nice thing about having a husband who isn't particularly motivated by aesthetic is the free reign I get over decorating the house. The bad thing? Incidents with tethered toothpaste, crepe paper attached to the walls with a staple gun (Yes. That actually happened.), or windows that get taped shut.

Since solving the window problem as if it were a UPS package simply insults my sensibilities (Sorry, Honey), I had to come up with something else. To the rescue? Giant dry rice window snakes. Rummaging around in my stash of fabric I found some old flannel to make a liner and some teal wool to slide over top like a long, cozy sweater. A few seams with the machine, funnel in some dry rice (A whopping six pounds, it took!), and there we go.

Snuggled up against the window on the sill, everything is much, much better. Incidently, Jane, my pet-deprived daughter, has found great affection for them and has named the woolen snakes "Juju-bee" and "Pinbird." Well, okay then! All is well once more.


  1. Does Jane need a pet? Hmm... I think she needs a pet too!! Your husband cracks me up, I still love the toothpaste tether, it's my favorite invention he's blessed you with!!

  2. Oh, how you make me laugh! But, I do love your window sill snakes, how very thrifty of you.

    I must say, our husbands are complete opposites... while yours isn't "particularly motivated by aesthetic" mine is solely motivated by aesthetic. While you have free reign in decorating I willingly (eagerly) defer to the professor's opinions because he is so much better at aesthetics than I am. All I have to say, and I've said it for years, he's lucky he didn't marry a girl with opinionated decorating sensibilities!

  3. Well at least he's handy! I made some of these with my scrap fabric last year and loved them. Functional and pretty.

    I love that color!

  4. That's a wonderful idea... I'll have to remember it for future reference!

  5. Pinbird and Jujubee! Those are the cutest names EVER!