09 January 2009

Peppermint Purgatory

I did not plan these posts. Immediately after sharing of my peppermint nirvana (see post below), I set upstairs to brush my teeth. This is what I found:

which was attached to this:

Apparently, Pops did not appreciate the tots making off with our toothpaste all the time. Pops is an engineer. Pops does stuff like this.

(And yes, it is peppermint.)


  1. That is such a great idea! Neat!

  2. Dawnelle. "Great idea" was not the phrase running through my head. Thank you for being kind, however. (We'll snicker about it when he's not around!)

  3. Seriously? This is interesting, he needs to invent a silicone style so the duct tape doesn't have to replaced every time the toothpaste runs out. He could market it and make millions!! You have to love an idea man!!