15 January 2009


I'm always looking for a good organizational/cleaning tip. I'm told Suze Orman cooked this one up:

*Arm oneself with a large garbage bag
*Set the timer for 15 minutes
*Dash about the house filling bag with 25 things that you will donate/toss immediately
*Beat the clock!

Love this one! It took all the guesswork away from the "should I or shouldn't I" conversation I often have with myself. I was determined to beat the clock and didn't have time rationalize why I should keep the stuffed frog or the rusted muffin-tin. As soon as I was done, I marched the bag right out to the van trunk to be shuttled off to the thrift store.

Next, I'm going to try this method but seek out pure trash. I couldn't believe how much I ran into while hunting for give-a-ways!

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