03 January 2009

Miracles in a Box

My new find: Washing Soda. Having been forgotten and relegated to obscure shelving units in grocery stores, this inexpensive white powder was once a staple in the cleaning arsenal of generations past.

Washing Soda (not to be confused with baking soda) is a natural sodium carbonate and can muscle around dirty laundry, clogged drains, tarnished silver, and even mossy outdoor patios! Who knew. No nasty fumes or kooky chemicals, just wear gloves (it is caustic) and keep away from the tots.

Today's use:

Cleaning stainless steel sinks
•Wet down sink
•Sprinkle washing soda on base and sides of sink
•Scrub with scrubber, adding a bit more water if need be
•Wait 20 mins.
•Rinse well

Removing Tea/Coffee Stains from mugs and cups
•Mix 1 T. w/ 1 c. hot water
•Pour into cup
•Wait 10-15 mins.
•Rinse well and wipe with dry cloth


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