14 January 2009

Man Hands

Peter wishes to go to Lego Land someday. Some days I think we already live there.

Stray yellow heads with curious stares greet me under sofas. Rogue gears and wheels hide out in pockets and drawers. Every now and then, aggressive eight-knobbed blocks accost socked feet in the hallways. Eventually they manage, perhaps by some legonic force-field, to be pulled back to the mother bin and used for some noble purpose.

Peter's brain is like his Pops'. Always creating, always wondering. I love Pops. I love Peter. I think I like living in Lego Land.


  1. We also lived in Lego land for many years at our house. Our kids used to get what we affectionately called the 'lego chin', a red mark on their chin from resting it on their knee as they put their creations together. Ahh, what memories!