13 December 2009

Simmered Orange Peel in Cider

And the computer is functioning again. Hurrah! Well, for now at least, but I'll take it. Thank goodness for Pops or I'd have given up and stared at the continual, yet errant, "loading" message for weeks on end and my vital posts on beverages and housecleaning would never be. Such tragic thought!

Last night, we had the pleasure of hosting our bible study group. A wonderfully diverse group of people whom we have grown to dearly love. Together, we study, converse, and inquire ... and laugh ourselves silly. Such a treat.

Naturally, we had yummies to munch, coffee and tea to offer, but I was most pleased with the big pot of simmering cider. What deliciousness can come from such little effort! Buy a large jug of unfiltered cider at the market, glug it into a stock pot to simmer on the stove, sprinkle in some nutmeg and some orange rind slices, and you've found grand success.


  1. Lovely shot, and yes, I would love to have a cup! I envy the folks in your bible study group.

  2. Your photography, once again, is stunning.

  3. Suddenly I am craving cider! Great pic :)