28 December 2009

A Flighty Little Skirt

And what young girl wouldn't want to be Little Bo Peep? Yesterday, I dove into my new Christmas sewing book, and fell in love with Anna Maria Horner's Bo Peep skirt. Using just two large rectangles for the front and back, one (cut in half) for the sides, four small rectangles for the side ruffles, and some scraps for edging, it's just the thing to whip up on a lazy Sunday.

I had all of the fabric in my stash already. A thrifted yellow bedsheet, lush and sturdy turquoise cotton, turquoise calico once used to make a blouse for my mother, and some flighty little butterflies.

I chose a contrasting apple green thread just for the fun of it and used french seams on the interior. I had forgotten how lovely they are. So professional looking.

And since I had already done some butterfly embroidery but was just waiting to find the perfect application, we stitched it on in a lovely deconstructed fashion.

All in all I was quite pleased. In the words of Lucette: "It's kinda' funky ... but I like it!"


  1. I have this book, and made the "one of everything" bag from it for Christmas...but have yet to try out the skirt. Very sweet. Nice job, Anna!

  2. that is SO ADORABLE- I am so impressed and I love the butterfly!

  3. Wow Anna, that is lovely - especially the embroidery! I may not be a "young" girl anymore, but I would LOVE a Little Bo Peep Skirt!

  4. Seriously! It is so Adorable!!! So wish I could sew. Would love to make these for the girls! You should sell these on ETSY!

  5. Oh, it's darling! Aren't little girls fun to sew for... especially when they're fond of "funky"!?

  6. What a lovely skirt. And I second the notion of an adult version! Maybe one for all the girls in the family.