09 January 2010

To Be Four and Dance

Jane started ballet lessons today. You can see her enthusiastic hand raised just at the very tip-top right. She was so excited and talked non-stop on the car ride over. She must have had all sorts of ideas swirling as to what the experience would be like.

Mama, they have dressing rooms to change your clothes in. I read it in a book. I also know you have to listen to your teacher. (Brief pause.) Mama, sometimes they put the dancers on top of horses.

Oh really? Well, Jane, they will not be asking you to get on any horses.

That's good. 'Cause I tried it on top of Peter and I couldn't do it.

(Taking great pains to stifle giggles) Well, there are not going to be any horses at the dance studio.

Yeah. It would be really messy.

We had a lovely (and very tidy) morning at the dance studio. Much toe-pointing and gauzy handkerchief waving, little bunned-heads bobbing and sparkling smiles flashing. Now that she's done it once, she's a veritable pro and has no qualms for the next session. I think Saturday mornings will be a winter highlight.


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my "Fall" entry!

    I am totally going to try your Pumpkin-Apple Streusel Cake - sounds delicious!

    By the way, what kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are just stunning!

  2. Thanks, LLN. Hope you enjoy the cake!

    (And the camera is a Nikon D40, using a variety of lenses.)

  3. There is nothing sweeter than four year old little girls dressed in pale pink tutus. Oh my goodness, these photos bring back wonderful memories of my own ballet dancing days. The shoes, oh how I remember the leathery smell!

    I think it's very important for little folks to be encouraged in all manner of creativity, including creative movement. Yes, Saturday mornings will be fun, fun, fun!

  4. How sweet! Brings back memories of my ballet, tap, and jazz classes as a young girl.

  5. great picture- wow- I can't believe the difference that lens makes w/ the light- unbelievable! She was soooo adorable today (the cutest one in the class, no contest). You'll have to have Pops attend soon. He'll melt!

  6. oh sweet pictures! ellerie is all about dancing in her sweet little 2 year old way right now! i hope we can manage lessons some day if she stays interested...

    and, yes, horses in the studio would be rather messy :-)

  7. Ooo, how fun... ballet is one of my favorite things! My mom was a dance teacher and my sister is a "for real" ballerina now. Have you done a mother-daughter Nutcracker yet? That is a tradition I am really looking forward to... maybe next year when I can be assured Samara's bladder can sit through the first act! :-)