04 January 2010

A Friend Indeed

Found a dear little piece of needlework that just didn't seem happy in it's frame. While lovingly crafted, it had made it's way to the thrift store and just seemed a touch out of date. Stuck in a frame, it looked a bit fuddy-duddy rather than kitchy-cute.

I would have liked to meet these two.

Ethel placed this piece of needlework in the frame with such purpose, I wondered if I'd ever release it from it's gilded bonds. No less than 27 nails held this darling to the frame!

Inspired by other such re-creations I've spied out in blogland, the handiwork is now backed with vintage yellow calico, trimmed with handmade bias piping, and stuffed with fresh batting, I think Ethel and Margaret's friendship lives on in a sweet, new way.

Sitting in the shop (along with some new zippy pouches!) waiting for a new friendship to place claim. Friends are a good, good thing, no?

**As a side note, three cheers to Jane who took the top photo! Camera atop a tri-pod, Jane atop the first step of the staircase, and a quick lesson in pressing the big silver button. I like having cute little minions to do my bidding!


  1. It's darling! The bias piping compliments the needlework so nicely. Isn't Ethel's handwriting lovely?

  2. I LOVE THAT, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! My fav item so far!

  3. What a great idea - looks so nice.
    I also like collecting bits of vintage handwork and imagining the women that made them.
    Warm wishes,

  4. I love what you did with this little piece of needlework (and I love the to and from too... any sort of backstory on these pieces is so rare to find)!

    I love treasures like this... crewl and needle point are my very most favorites of all!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great idea! I love finding things at thrift stores with notes from one friend to another. It's a glimpse into someone's life, and somehow it makes the item that much more special to me.