06 January 2010

Clicking Some Needles

I'm learning to knit. Still. I first started when Lucette was a baby and have only attempted some simple projects: Hats, scarves, booties. Only what I can manage to learn from books, and heaven forbid I make a mistake or drop a stitch. I've abandoned many-a-project simply because I had no idea how to fix my lapses in concentration. In sewing, you just need a seam ripper and an extra breath of patience. In knitting? It's like an IQ test that I'm failing miserably.

However, I recently decided to take on a new project. A lap blanket. Granted, a lap blanket is probably the easiest project out there, but this has a slight alternating pattern. K2, YO, K2tog and some similar business on the purl side. To seasoned knitters this is sleepwalk knitting. Me? I had to start over three times until I (sort of) got the rhythm of it.

So. It's progressing. The ribbed pattern is looking mostly ribbed and I'm easing up on the tension, as I have a habit of making ridiculously tight stitches. Easing up is always a good thing.

And truly, knitting is a lovely, tactile experience. This yarn is an awfully nice chunky faux-wool that just feels good sliding through fingers and clicking on needles. I'm also quite happy with the color selection of "wheat." It's a simple neutral with just enough variegation and fiber to disguise the tea I will most certainly spill on it once it gets put to use.

To all my friendly knitters out there, any advice you have to impart? Chances are, I could use it!


  1. I have tried to teach myself to knit twice... and have failed both times. I guess I lack the patience, concentration, and nimble fingers it takes to do it right!

    You, on the other hand, appear to be doing wonderfully. And I love your color choice!

    Happy knitting!

  2. No seasoned advice to offer you... I'm exactly the same kind of knitter as you, although worse, I fear! As much as I love knitted goodies I can't seem to fall in love with the process of doing it myself.

  3. Your blanket already looks so pretty. And I love the little socks on the ends of the needles!

  4. It's looking great so far Anna - hang in there! The throw I knit wasn't without flaws, but I don't care. After all, the difference between a hand knit and a store bought blanket is heart and soul (and patience).

    Being loose with the tension is important. I have serious tension problems when I crochet, so I know how you feel! Also, knitting should be relaxing, not stressful. If you get stressed out, put it down for a while and resume at a later time.

    I love the color you chose :)

  5. Beautiful, Anna! I still stick to smaller projects that I can complete in a smaller time-frame. A throw seems simple, but ambitious to me! I love your yarn selection and pattern choice. Let me know if you ever have technical questions. It looks to me like you are headed in the right direction!

  6.'re so right about trying to fix knitting. I've attempted both crochet and knitting in the last six months or so, and I much prefer crochet. Make a mistake, rip it right out! The one advantage I have when it comes to knitting is a rather patient mother that I see at least once a month. She's undone more of my doings than I want to think about!

  7. Okay, I'm in the same place with sewing as you are with knitting-- taking baby steps and undertaking simple projects. Lovely yarn. And I think that as with all things, it just takes time to get into the rhythm. Godspeed to your needles!

  8. Youtube has instructional knitting videos that give you a MUCH better idea of how to knit than pictures in a book can do! Try it - I think you will find it very helpful.