27 March 2009

Shiver Me Timbers

Now that it is winter no longer and the promise of warmer days are here ... I've finally managed to make this wool hat I had been planning on. I'm not always known for my timing. Or my knitting, for that matter.

I had found a basic pattern for a chunky beanie that was supposed to take an hour. Turns out not quite an hour, more like feature-film length. Definitely possible to complete during a good long foreign film.

I used a skein of Cascade, Magnum in charcoal wool with size 15 circular needles. Whoa! Big needles for big yarn! You get about two stitches in just an inch. (It also appears one skein will make both a large and small size!)

Here's the skinny on the chubby hat:

• Cast on 48 stitches (44 for kid size)
• Knit in garter stitch for 6 (3) rows
• Knit in stockinette stitch until piece measures 7 (6) inches
• Decrease by two stitches until only 6 stitches remain
• Cut yarn and run through remaining stitches
• Weave ends on the inside

**Note we are a melon-headed family. Drop piece measurement a half-inch or so if your cranium is more typically proportionate.

I must report that Pops thinks like I look like I'm ready for a long day at the docks. He mocks me with various jigs and yo-ho-ho tunes when I wear this. Hmmm ... I think I should
make a matching set. He can be my deck hand.


  1. that turned out great- really cute! LOVE the photos. And guess where I am...on the couch...with my LAPTOP!!!

  2. I think you are cute! I love the hat, that take talent! Nice, camera, what are you shooting with?

  3. It's a Nikon D40. It's a really great "starter" digital SLR. I'm having buckets of fun with it.

  4. The hat turned out beautifully - you're a good knitter! I am inspired and think I'll have to go buy some size 15 circs and knit one myself!

  5. I like! Quick knits are every knitter's best bud. I just finished a hat in that same shade, I quite enjoy dark heather. Coincidentally, I also shoot with a D40... it's teaching me a lot.